bitch you lack so much class marx declared you a utopia

On one hand I’m sad to be done school tomorrow because it means I won’t see some of my best friends for a while, but on the other hand it means that a) I’ll be freaking done school for the semester hollaaaaa b) I’ll get to see my best friends from home c) working at the museum I am seriously so freaking excited to be back at that place and primarily d) IT MEANS CLOSER TO CALIFORNIAAAAAAAAA WHEOOOOOOO. (I’m trying to procrastinate because I could care less about my exam tomorrow so bam you get a text post)



This is how to run a stick of Chapstick
down the black boxes on your scantron
so the grading machine skips the wrong
answers. This is how to honor roll. Hell,
this is how to National Honor Society.
This is being voted “Most Likely to Marry
for Money” or “Talks the Most, Says the
Least” for senior superlatives. This is
stepping around the kids having panic
attacks in the hallway. This is being the
kid having a panic attack in the hallway.
This is making the A with purple moons
stamped under both eyes. We had to try.
This is telling the ACT supervisor you have
ADHD to get extra time. Today, the average
high school student has the same anxiety
levels as the average 1950’s psychiatric
patient. We know the Pythagorean theorem
by heart, but short-circuit when asked
“How are you?” We don’t know. We don’t
know. That wasn’t on the study guide.
We usually know the answer, but rarely
know ourselves.

HIGH SCHOOL By Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)




This super awesome nerdfighter art has always been my favourite, and it served as my inspiration to write a Hank and John version of the Phineas and Ferb theme song.

(Lyrics can be found in the YouTube description!)

Yes, and yes, and yes!

Made of awesome!

John did the thing. 

ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.

  • Jesus: Make sure nobody is poor
  • Everyone:
  • Jesus:
  • Everyone: So like industrial capitalism?